Light, cripsy, and delicious meringue treats!

Our Story

New Wave Delights was born of a dream to make my own business creating my favorite treat – cookies, but ones that are delicious and low-fat. 

I borrowed from my mother’s meringue recipe to use a cooking technique that makes sweet and crispy treats without the use of butter.  I was always intrigued by watching my mother bake her traditional French meringue, the way the meringue beat up from a thin liquid into beautiful, white waves of sweetness. 

Here I’ve developed my own low-fat version of elegant melt-in-your-mouth meringues.  The vanilla meringues have a distinguished, delicate taste derived from the best quality vanilla bean extract, while the chocolate meringues have a rich, intense chocolate flavor achieved from countless hours of experimenting with various cocoa powders to achieve their splendid flavor.

I hope you will enjoy these crispy, lighter than air delicious treats too!